SALSA for the 5th Year Running!

Food safety is key for any food manufacturing company, here at Cheshire Farm we are no exception, we are pleased to announce that we have been given our SALSA accreditation for the 5th year running.

SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of ‘best practice’ of professional food buyers.

SALSA certification is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to an auditor that they are able to produce safe and legal food and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard.

We have been pleased to use the SALSA standard in order to make sure that standards have been met since the launch of the range back in 2010, it has allowed buyers to have the faith that the products which are in store are meeting the requirements needed legally and that when any new legislation is decided upon, producers will be audited to make sure that these are met as well.

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