Potatoes in the Olympics: A quick look at the diet plans of Olympians!

With the Rio Olympics well underway, we have had a look back at how athletes from across the globe prepare themselves for this momentous occasion. Pizza, chicken wings, and of course the all important POTATO, which lately seems to have become fixed in the diets of the worlds best athletes.

Ryan Lochte

American Swimmer & a 12-time Olympic Medalist 


To start with Ryan Lochte takes in around 7-8000 calories per day!

The 8K day begins with eggs. Five to six eggs…with spinach, tomatoes, and ham…

And hash browns (or some kind of POTATOES!!).

And pancakes.

And oatmeal.

And fruit.

And French vanilla coffee with one sugar and cold milk.

To me this sounds like a pretty hearty breakfast…..

Shalane Flanagan

She holds the American record times in the 3000m, 5000m, 10,000m, 10K and 15K road race.


Shalane’s evening meal also normally consists of POTATO!

At 6:00pm she tends to have her Dinner, which usually includes red meat, such as a quarter-pound bison or grass-fed beef burger with sweet POTATO fries and salad; or bison meatballs, in a marinara sauce with penne pasta or spaghetti and salad.

Anthony Joshua

Former Olympian and current IBF heavyweight champion.

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshuas training routine is also brutal.

Morning: Cardio work involving either sprints, running, bike work, or swimming.

Afternoon: Strength and conditioning. Overseen by a specialist.

Evening: Sparring supervised by trainer/manager Tony Sims at his gym in Brentwood. “He’s had a Swedish sparring partner over. He’s had a couple of Americans over. He’s been doing plenty of sparring, for the last six weeks, ” explains Sims. His last sparring session was on Tuesday night.

His diet is also pretty hefty! With, yes, you guessed it, plenty of POTATOES!!

Breakfast: Two slices of wholemeal bread, one banana, five raw eggs, one pot of Greek yoghurt and one serving of apple juice.

Lunch: Two fillets of raw salmon, two baked POTATOES (skin removed), bean salad and water.

Afternoon snack: Greek yoghurt, fruit salad and muesli.

Dinner: Chicken (no skin), white pitta bread, mashed POTATOES with butter, mixed vegetables, orange juice.

So there we have it! If you want to become a top athlete, it seems pretty simple, eat POTATOES….. Oh and there’s a few other things you might need to do as well! 




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