Over 1000 likes… and so the Jackson Story continues!

This week has seen us gain our 1000th like on Facebook! With this in mind we thought we would recap on how it all began, right here on Teuthill farm. Many of you have seen our timeline on our About Us page but for those of you that haven’t here it is.

The foundations…

6th April 1848

Teuthill farm was built in 1848

The Jacksons Moved in!

8th November 1926

Harry Jackson was the first of the Jackson family on Teuthill Farm. He bought the property in the winter of 1926.

The first potatoes!

23rd January 1948

Tommy Jackson (2nd Generation of Jacksons) planted his first potatoes at Teuthill Farm in 1948.

The Teuthill Farm Shop

11th May 1970

Jeff Jackson (Son of Tommy and the 3rd Generation of Jacksons) and his wife opened the original farm shop in 1970. Here’s Jeff pictured on the right.

The 4th Generation

21st July 1972

At the age of 8, Paul Jackson (the fourth generation of Jacksons) planted his first potatoes at Teuthill Farm.

Its a Girl!

18th May 1990

On 18th May 1990 Lucy was born. Lucy is now the 5th and youngest generation of the Jackson family.

Through the 90’s

2nd March 2004

Paul, Wendy, Lucy and Steven (Paul & Wendy’s youngest child) spent the next 15 years supplying local pubs and restaurants with an array of produce from potatoes to milk and eggs.  

Cheshire Farm Chips was Born!

1st January 2005

In January 2005 Wendy had an idea, an idea that has become the phenomenon known today as Cheshire Farm Chips.  

The Cheshire Show

6th July 2010

At the Cheshire Show in 2010 the ‘Cheshire Farm Chips’ brand began trading and was a huge success!  

2016 is Our Year!

16th December 2015

Since the launch of Cheshire Farm Chips we have gone from strength to strength. This next year we are set out to do amazing things! Keep up to date with how we are doing by following our blog, Facebook and twitter!  

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