Facts about Chips that you definitely didn’t know!


  • Chips form a large part of the crop, with 12% of the British potato crop turned into chips, which would be enough to fill 19,600 football pitches or, placed end-to-end, would stretch from Land’s End to John O’Groats and back.
  • Chips came to the UK in 1860 by the Malin Family, who were Jewish immigrants from Portugal and Spain
  • Contrary to popular believe it was the Belgians that invented chips not the French!
  • Fish and chips was the only take-away food not to be rationed during the Second World War. Frederick Lord Woolton, Minister of Food at the time, even allowed mobile frying vans to carry fish and chips to evacuees around the country speaking of which
  • Chips form part of our culture – did you know that Charles Dickens even mentions chips in Tale of two cities and Oliver Twist!
  • British fish and chip shops serve over 247 million portions of fish and chip meals each year.
  • There are over 27million visits to fish and chip shops every month.
  • The average spend in a fish and chip shop is £3.22 – less than half the average price us Brits splash out on a takeaway curry. Chinese food is around 86% more expensive than a meal from the chippy, while a pizza is 89% more expensive.


SOURCE – http://potatoes.ahdb.org.uk/promotion/chip-skills/Chip-Facts

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