Dairy Farmer Protests Over Milk Prices. Time to Change!

The price of milk is a huge concern in the farming industry right now as you may have seen all over the news. Farmers have been protesting for some time now and have more recently stepped it up a level. Recently farmers decided to take some dairy cows into an Asda supermarket in Staffordshire to protest and made quite a stir. Before this many farmers all over the country have been going into the supermarkets that are not paying a fair price for milk and they have been empting the shelves of Milk and other dairy produce.

British dairy organisation AHDB Dairy said the average UK farm gate price was 24.06p per litre in May, a decrease of a quarter over 12 months. This is less than it costs some farmers to produce a litre of milk so they say it cannot continue.

According to the National Farmers Union (NFU) the milk crisis has already driven 256 herds out of the industry so far in 2015. This goes to show that changes need to be made very soon as to the farmers it is not only a job it is their livelihood.

Morrison’s have recently announced that they are going to introduce a brand for British farmers which will see the farmers get an extra 10p per litre, this doesn’t sound a lot but it will make a huge difference when farmers are producing thousands of litres a day.

On the 7th September farmers took the protests even further as they have taken to the streets of Brussels in protest over the decreasing low food prices they are being paid for their produce, demanding the EU intervene. The low prices meaning they are getting into substantial debt in some circumstances threating their futures. It is estimated over 5000 farmers were involved in the protests, it has to be said the pictures are very impressive and it just shows how much of a problem the decreasing prices are for farmers everywhere and changes need to be made.

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