Cheshire Farms top 3 Xmas Films!

It’s Christmas Eve! So we have decided to ask around the farm to gather what we would consider our top 3 Christmas films of all time! Im sure most of you will agree with these, let us know what you would pick!

1. Home Alone

It was always going to be in here wasn’t it. Home Alone was chosen in pretty much everyones top 3. Whats not to love about adorable Kevin McCallister, who gets left home alone while the rest of his family prepares to spend the holidays in Paris. Did you know that in the film Macaulay Culkin’s real-life brother, Kieran, plays Kevin’s cousin Fuller!

2. Elf

Elf has gone on to become a classic at this time of year. No wonder it was picked by most of the staff here. Did you know that Jim Carey was originally meant to play the lead role of Buddy the Elf, however, as it took the film over 10 years to get made, things changed!

3. Jingle All the Way

Jingle All the Way was the final festive favourite from the staff here on the farm. A surprising choice! I guess we must have a lot of Schwarzenegger fans! Heres another fact for you, this time regarding Dan Riordan, who played Turbo Man. In the film he had a hard time with the flying required by the role because he was afraid of heights!

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