5 Optical Illusions That Definitely Mess With Your Head

Office procrastination at its finest! So today we decided to have a look at a number of optical illusions that have baffled many scientists for years. Here are a few of our favourite choices.

Watch this video while staring at the cross in the center, and you’ll see bulbous foreheads, gigantic noses and terrifying eyes. Watch it again while looking at the faces, and you’ll see they’re perfectly normal pictures of attractive Hollywood actors. What the hell? Some of them actually look better like this to be honest.

This is fairly hallucinogenic. Simply stare at the centre of the video for 30 seconds. Then look at the palms of your hands. Weird ay?

Another hallucinogenic video. This time watch the video and then look around the room you are in. Things actually are moving!!!!!!!

Is this star floating in the background? No it’s actually a still image – It all happens in your brain.

Depending on which side of the brain you’re using the woman will spin either clockwise (right and creative side of the brain) or anti-clockwise (left and logic side of the brain). Which side are you using right now?

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