10 reasons why you shouldn’t feel so blue on Blue Monday

  1. Cheshire Farm products are Slimming World friendly, giving you an easy low syn value SW treat.
  2. Straight into the oven for 20 mins, our chips could save you up to an hour of cooking
  3. Bacon. Cheshire Farm Chips + Bacon = food heaven
  4. Cheshire Farm Roast Potatoes – cooked in goose fat. Need we say more? 😍
  5. A man in Australia survived only on a potato only diet for 12 months. That means you can too! 💭 Chips every day mmmm 💭
  6. We’re on the way to summer! So, expect to see photos of our fields in all their glory soon
  7. You can find meal ideas on our website which means less stress about tea tonight
  8. Next Monday is far away
  9. We’re offering you free delivery with code “CFCFREESHIPPING” at cheshirefarmchips.co.uk – limited time only. P.S you can choose a delivery date to suit you.

    10. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy CHIPS!

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