10 of the funniest/weirdest looking potatoes on the internet!

1. This ugly looking thing looks like its straight out of a pixar movie! What would you say it resembles?

2. Awfully similar do you not think?

3. THE DICTATOR!! Who doesn’t find a potato shaped like a males anatomy amusing?

4. I don’t know whats funnier. The expression on this guys face or the potato!

5. There are two ways to take this image. A heart-shaped unique potato or….. Yeah, you probably guessed it.

6. We come across potatoes like this all the time. This is definitely my favourite!

7. I hope this is real!

8. This potato was found in a farm shop in Leicester. Apparently it was the “breast vegetable” they have seen in a long time.

9. A penguin looking potato. Simple yet amusing.

10. Now this thing is scary.

If you have any funny looking potatoes then be sure to send them to us at info@cheshirefarmchips.co.uk